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Catastrophic Protection

In the event of a power outage, a Liebert UPS system powers on immediately to provide temporary power for the 15 seconds required for a 1500 KVA diesel generator to power up. The generator is fueled by a 2,000 gallon diesel fuel tank capable of powering the Data Center for an extended period of time.

Against Fire
The greatest threat to your server in the remote event of fire is not the flames themselves, but the heat from the flames and the water used to extinguish them. The fire suppression system used by CyberGate utilizes an FM-200 non-toxic gas system that mixes with oxygen to prevent the oxygen in the facility from feeding the flames before they get out of control. The fact is your equipment would remain operational even in the unlikely event of a fire. There’s one more reason to sleep well at night.

Against Changes In Temperature
The CyberGate Climate Control System protects your equipment from failure due to overheating or excess condensation by maintaining optimum temperature and humidity. Cool air is delivered to each cabinet through perforated raised flooring to create an ideal climate.

Access Security
The fact that you are authorized to access your equipment on a 24x7 basis poses the need for multiple security protocols.

  1. Authorized personnel can only gain access with a proximity badge with encrypted data and photo identification.
  2. A palm scanner at the entrance of the facility provides a second level of security. This technology is synchronized with the proximity badge so that entrance is admitted only if badge ID matches palm ID.
  3. Upon entrance, video surveillance is operational throughout the facility. Together, these systems virtually eliminate any possibility of security risk.

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