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High-End Products Designed By One Player For
Other Players, At A Fair Price

Peter Ponzol Mouthpieces offers a selection of chambers and tip openings to suit every player. Each mouthpiece is designed, finished and tested by Peter Ponzol.

Most people would concur that communication among two people should really be uncomplicated. It can be important to remember that you will discover variances in between speaking and communicating. When you communicate, you might be prosperous in finding your point across on the man or woman you're chatting to. After we discuss, we are inclined to erect limitations that hinder our power to talk. There are actually 7 of such forms of barriers to successful communication.

Bodily limitations are easy to spot - doorways which are closed, partitions that are erected, and distance among persons all perform against the intention of efficient communication. Though most concur that folks have to have their own individual spots with the workplace, environment up an place of work to remove physical limitations would be the first move in the direction of opening communication.

Perceptual barriers, in distinction, are inner. When you go into a circumstance considering that the human being you happen to be talking to isn't heading to be aware of or have an interest in what you should say, it's possible you'll end up subconsciously sabotaging your effort to generate your point.

Emotional obstacles could be rough to overcome, but are crucial that you set aside to interact in discussions. We are usually taught to concern the phrases coming out of our own mouths, as inside the phrase "anything you say can and will be utilized in opposition to you." Conquering this worry is complicated, but important.

Cultural obstacles really are a consequence of dwelling in an ever before shrinking entire world. Distinct cultures, no matter whether they be considered a societal tradition of the race or simply the operate culture of a corporation, can hinder produced communication if two different cultures clash. In these cases, it is crucial that you locate a frequent ground to do the job from.

Language barriers seem rather self-inherent, but there are actually generally concealed language obstacles that we are not generally aware of. In case you function in an industry that is heavy in jargon or technical language, care must be taken to prevent these phrases when talking with another person from exterior the business.

Gender barriers are becoming a lot less of a difficulty in recent years, but there's however the chance for just a man to misconstrue the phrases of the girl, or vice versa. Males and females are likely to form their ideas in another way, and this should be taken into consideration when communicating.

Interpersonal barriers are what finally preserve us from reaching out to each other and opening ourselves up, not merely to be heard, but to listen to other people.

As we all know e-mail has become our best way of communication. Lets look at how now we have developed our communication process and what affect it has with your business enterprise.

Caveman Communication

When persons lived in caves their communication might not have consisted of a great deal more than grunts, gestures and facial expressions, but they had to have some tactics of expressing these types of messages as: "I'm not intending to beat you, and I hope you are feeling the same" or "You take that side in the mammoth and I'll take this aspect and let's hope we get him just before he gets us." Modern interrelations are more sophisticated, and so will be the messages, but the co-existence stays. Communication and interpersonal relations are the fact is entwined.

There are many kinds of communications, the two commonest are tough and smell. Neither do now we have in our electronic mail communications.

Nonverbal Communication Speaks Volumes

Let us have a look at cultural and nonverbal communication and why the interpretation of non-verbal messages is influenced by tradition and it is especially significant in organization.

A handful of examples:

Tom leaves his home at 8:thirty am and stops at the nearby Starbucks for espresso. Previous to he can communicate, the counter human being states, "The standard?" Tom nods indeed. When he savors his coffee and reads the paper, a hefty man pushes onto the adjoining stool and overflows his house. Tom grimaces along with the man pulls himself in up to he can. Tom has sent two messages without having speaking a phrase.

One, the man has invaded his area, and secondly perhaps Tom has an issue together with his dimensions. Irrespective of whether Tom truly has a difficulty together with his dimensions won't matter - the 2 have previously been portrayed non-verbally!

Phil is talking to Rich's wife at a party. Their conversation is entirely trivial, however Wealthy observes them suspiciously. Their physical proximity and also the movements of their eyes reveal that they're powerfully interested in one another.

Jose Ybarra and Sir Edmund are at the similar party and it's crucial for them to ascertain a cordial romance for small business explanations. Every single is endeavoring to be heat and friendly, nonetheless they are going to piece with mutual distrust and their enterprise transaction will quite possibly go a muck. Jose, in Latin trend, moved closer and closer to Sir Edmund as they spoke and this movement was misinterpreted as pushiness to Sir Edmund, who kept backing far from this intimacy. Backing absent then communicated to Jose coldness. The silent languages of Latin & English cultures are additional difficult to learn.

In these examples you see powerful messages communicated with out words. Non-verbal communication is communication with out words. You can communicate non-verbally when you gesture, smile, frown, widen your eyes, move your chair closer to someone or say nothing. These non-verbal messages interact with verbal messages, thus creating confusion. Analyze your own non-verbal communication patterns.

Now that we understand how important non-verbal communication can be lets appearance at how detrimental it could be to stereotype a man or woman, company or product.

"Stereotypes pose primarily powerful barriers in intercultural communication. The reason is simple: Our stereotypes of groups to which we do not belong, for example, race, national or religious groups, gender are likely being additional inaccurate and negative than the stereotypes from the groups to which we ourselves belong." (Gudykunst, 1991, Bridging Differences: Successful Intergroup Communication.)

This ALL changes DRASTICALLY when utilizing the Internet. In using websites & e-mail addresses you have no verbal or non-verbal communication, what you have is written. You have no signs of sex, age, race, or religion this does eliminate most areas of stereotyping.

However, make no mistake you are communicating non-verbal, non-written messages in your e-mail. You must learn how to communicate properly, how to express emotions non-verbally.

The use of the Internet is a huge resource for marketing and communicating in many industries as well as the mortgage industry. It can limit some risk of miscommunication. In using e-mail it gives the sender the opportunity to correct and rewrite any portion on the message that may not be communicated well. It also gives you the disguise as to whether or not male or female is the sender, your age is unknown. If you should have a bodily disability it truly is unknown, the e-mail as well as a website are judged by looks and content. It truly is a virtual hidden identity thus creating a level playing marketing field for almost everyone.

Model M1-The M1 is an extremely flexible medium chamber mouthpiece with a very even response and timbre in all registers, available for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone in gold plated brass.
Model M2- THE MOUTHPIECE for today's music and players. A small chamber mouthpiece available for alto and tenor in gold plated brass.
Model II-V-I - A new metal mouthpiece for alto and tenor with a warm vintage sound and less edge than the M1 and M2, yet plays as easily as the M2, in gold plated brass.
Hard Rubber Traditional-Modern versions of the great hard rubber mouthpieces of the past available for soprano, alto and tenor.
Hard Rubber Custom- The only handcrafted high-end rubber mouthpiece made today for todays players. The M2 in rubber. Available for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone.


Did you know that the neck is one of the most important parts of your saxophone? The neck plays a vital role in response, intonation and sound. My necks are a special design with a different taper and bore than the original necks they replace. They are available for all Selmer, Yamaha, Yanagisawa, and other professional alto and tenor saxophones. All necks are 24k gold plated, play tested, come in an attractive padded pouch and sold on a money back guarantee.


Premium handcrafted reeds made from the best, aged, wild cane that the Var Valley in southern France has to offer. The unique cut, designed by Peter Ponzol, combines the best attributes of both French and American cuts. Players from around the world report the same results, at least 80% of reeds play and they play for a long time. Available for all saxophones and clarinets.

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